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Massive Côte du Rhône fine-wine fraud uncovered by French police

Languedoc-Roussillon has come into its own. Time to explore France's newest wine region!

Wine Companion: The evolution of the Languedoc wine region

Decanter - 2018/3/16: Understanding Barbera d'Asti vineyards

Why Some Bars Are Crafting Their Own Bitters

Bartenders around the country discuss how house-made bitters can enhance a cocktail program

Bubbles, With Joy: Pétillant Naturel's Triumphant Return

Nicolaus Hahn, Founder of Hahn Family Wines, Dies at 81

The international businessman and Santa Lucia Highlands vintner helped put his California wine region on the map 2018/3/8: California wine industry eyes growth in China - 2018/3/2: Discovery shows wine grapes gasping for breath

Wine Enthusiast - 2018/2/15: How You Can Spot Fake Wines

Looking to acquire legendary bottles? The world's foremost expert on detecting fake wines

New Australian tourism campaign to help attract international visitors to wine regions

Bill Newlands is Named New President and COO of Constellation Brands. The new president and COO has over 30 years of experience in the industry and has been with Constellation Brands since 2015.

Barefoot Remains Top Brand; Wine Sales Rise 3% Josh Cellars grows fastest of Top 20 wine brands; Black Box and Bota Box also excel

The Guardian - 2018/2/14: Canopy Growth pushing forward on pot-infused drinks with Constellation Brands

Wine Spectator 2018/2/14: From Wine to Chocolate, With Love Learn how to better taste and pair for Valentine's Day

Wine Australia 2018/2/9: Yeast research discovers some sensitivities

Expect a Rise in Wine Sales and Prices in 2018

Scientists Discover Why People Can Become Aggressive When Drinking Alcohol

Fabien Moreau talks in detail about the 2016 vintage in Chablis

We took a scientific look at whether weed or alcohol is worse for you - and there appears to be a winner

China is an emerging wine market. China outpaces all consummer wine markets in the world!

The Straits Times - China to displace Britain as world's second-largest wine consumer by 2021

Concord Monitor - 2018/2/7: N.H. lawmakers mull who should be allowed to ship wine directly to consumers


Wine Enthusiast - 2018/2/6: Is the 2015 Bordeaux Vintage Finding U.S. Takers?
Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux recently completed a seven-city tour showcasing the 2015 vintage but it’s unclear whether or not that lead to sales.

Bloomberg - 2018/1/26: Winemakers Turn to MIT to Save Pinot Noir in Warming Temperatures
Biochemical engineer Jean-Francois Hamel has discovered the secrets to how natural yeasts affect flavors and alcohol levels in wine-and why they can help combat the potential effects of climate change.

Napa Valley Register - 2018/1/16: Marijuana advocates say Napa County has ways to go toward solid business climate

Wine Industry Network - 2018/1/10: Predictions for Wine & Weed; Good Neighbors or Not?

Will cannabis inflict more change at Constellation Brands? - Analysis Constellation third quarter sales miss, no hit from legalized pot

Wine and beer maker Constellation Brands to acquire 9.9% stake in marijuana company Canopy Growth for $245 million

San Luis Obispo Tribune: They planned to visit Napa - but fires have wine tourists heading to Paso instead

Lebanon: The Greatest Food And Wine Country You've Never Visited (Part 1)
Lebanon: The Greatest Food And Wine Country You've Never Visited (Part 2)

Wine, Etc.: After deadly fires, California wine country faces new challenges

Like Other Goods, Wine Should Move Freely In Interstate Commerce -- But It Doesn't

Millennials love wine so much the industry is changing how it's made

Oregon Wine Press - 2017/11/1: Wine Country and Cannabis Intersection of trades inevitable in Southern Oregon

Wine Spectator: Amazon Halts Online Wine Sales
Regulatory complications connected to the tech giant's recent acquisition of Whole Foods led them to quit online wine retail

2017/10/31: Acumen Wines Bolsters Sales Team with Two New Hires

Renowned Winemaker Seth Kunin Passes Away - Kunin's Sudden Death Leaves Santa Barbara Wine Country Grieving

RevelStroke Review: B.C. wine industry rallying for a fight

Forbes - 10/27/2017: Millennials Are Blamed For Falling Beer Sales In The U.S.

Palate Press - 201/10/26 - Asti Secco is Italy's New Dry Sparkling Wine

Captial Press: Big welcome: California winery arrives in Oregon - Jackson Family Wines

Jeb Dunnuck - 10/25/2017: Cayuse Opts to Not Release Majority of 2015s Due to Faulty orks

NYT - 10/20/2017: Wildfires Spared the Vineyards, but the Wines Could Suffer

CNBC: Napa Valley wine appears to have been spared the worst of fire damage in Northern California, according to the Napa Valley Vintners.

Wine Industry Advisor 2017-10-16: Napa Growers Employ Best Practices for Working in Smoky Conditions

Firefight in Sonoma County reaches second week as flames force thousands to evacuate

In a smoldering California winery, a boiling river of red wine merges

Wine Spectator: Massive California Wine-Country Fires Worsen, Sending More Residents Fleeing Calistoga and Geyserville are evacuated

California fires produced as much pollution in 2 days as all the state's cars do in a year

CBS: Goat-Herding Dog Refused To Abandon Flock Amid Firestorm, Miraculously Survived

People: 100-Year-Old World War II Veteran and His Wife of 75 Years Die Together in California Wildfire




CBrands: Corona Extra® Named a Best Global Brand in InterBrand's 2017 Annual Report

NZ Wine: Women in Wine NZ launch event sold out

Negociant Australia: Bleasdale Vineyards Winemaker named James Halliday's Winemaker of the Year for 2018 2017/8/3 : Meet Black Chardonnay - A nearly forgotten technique for exceptional wines has some producers going back to black

Crush Fine Wines: Segura Viudas joins the Crush family
Hartford Courant: Here's why pinot noir is the healthiest wine you can drink

NYT - 2018/3/17: Federal Agency Courted Alcohol Industry to Fund Study on Benefits of Moderate Drinking

Scientists and National Institute of Health officials waged a concerted campaign to obtain funding from the alcohol industry for research that may enshrine alcohol as a part of a healthy diet.

Long-Shuttered Sonoma Winery is Back in Business

At its peak, Kohler & Frohling had a 400,000-gallon facility in San Francisco (established in 1857) and a tasting room at the Transamerica Pyramid's current location. It was a household name nationwide. Then Prohibition closed its doors.

Brewery Association - 2018/3/5: TASTING ROOMS ARE PART OF THE SOLUTION

Troubling Implications of the New Wine Tax Law

The 2018 tax law promised to help the whole wine industry with sweeping tax reductions. When the dust settled, however, it became clear that the careless drafting and hasty enactment of the law took back some of the expected benefits and added some major headaches

Wine Spectator - 2018/2/28:Health Watch: Research Looks at Wine's Benefits for the Heart and Mind

A scientist tests a new, vinous heart-disease treatment; two studies reveal that grape compounds' anti-inflammatory properties can help the brain

Sacremento Bee - 2018/2/28: Napa expert grim about the state and direction of the valley: 'I don’t see any hope'

Wine Searcher - 2018/2/28: Wine Country Rises from the Ashes

The wine industry unites to ensure that worker accommodation doesn't disappear in the aftermath of October's blaze.

SevenFifty 2018/2/16: Understanding the Science Behind Ancient Wine Using hi-tech tools to learn about the winemaking methods of the past

Wine Enthusiast: U.S. Wine Market Grows 2.9% While World Wine Supply Shrinks

Decanter - 2018-1-29: US wineries to sell $3 billion of wine direct in 2018-study

2017 Wine Auction Totals Exceed $371 Million

US Wine Outlook Bullish Despite Bank Warning

Beer, wine, and spirits industries toast passage of GOP tax bill

GOP tax law loophole could offer foreign liquor makers unfair advantage, experts caution

Beer, wine, and spirits industries toast passage of GOP tax bill

2017-12-20: Congress Passes First Wine Excise Tax Reduction in 80 Years Historic Legislation Will Provide Significant Benefits and Reduce the Federal Excise Tax Burden on All Wineries

2017-12-23: Cheers! Cider, craft beer makers get U.S. tax cut in new year

Dec 23 (Reuters) - Makers of craft beer, artisanal spirits, hard cider and mead may lift their glasses a bit higher next year as the result of a little noticed provision in the sweeping tax overhaul the U.S. Congress passed this week.

The legislation includes several benefits that will mean lower excise tax bills for all wineries regardless of size, the Wine Institute said.

Gary Farrell Winery Donates $30,000 to Wine Country Fire Relief Efforts

2017-11-21: Gary Farrell Winery Chardonnay Named #1 Wine by Wine Enthusiast Magazine for 2017

The Gary Farrell Winery 2015 Russian River Selection Chardonnay has just been named the #1 wine of the year by Wine Enthusiast. The first white wine selected number one in the Wine Enthusiast top 100 list in over 10 years.

The DOCa Rioja Control Board Opens 2018 Registration for the Official Rioja Wine Educators Programme


Tornatore is a family-owned winery located in the Sicilian town of Castiglione di Sicilia on the northeastern slopes of Europe's largest and most active volcano, Mt. Etna.

Wine Institute - 2017/11/8: California Wine 2017 Harvest Report

Jersey Bites - 2017/10/27: NJ Wine Industry Sees a Challenging Year Buoyed by Stellar Harvest Conditions - 2017/10/27: Crushing it: Why this year's harvest could put Virginia wine on the national map

Forbes - 2017/10/26: O Canada, Let Me Pour You A Glass of Wine

Mail Tribune - 201/10/27: Local wineries could see ripple effects from California fires

Decanter - 2017/10/24: Loire 2017 harvest shows mixed fortunes after frost

Popular Science: California's wildfires could make 2017 a very unusual wine vintage

Meininger - 2017/10/28: TEXSOM "Where the somms add up"

KTVU: Winery welfare check: List of wineries damaged by wildfires, and those still standing

Forbes: Napa Wildfires Update - Hoarse Voices And Cautiously Good News

Vacaville Reporter: Six more wineries destroyed by Wine Country fires, bringing total to 16 2017-10-13: E. & J. GALLO WINERY WILL CONTRIBUTE $1 MILLION TO FIRE RECOVERY EFFORT AND WILL MATCH EMPLOYEE DONATIONS TWO-FOR-ONE

Donation will be divided among the American Red Cross California Wildfires Relief Fund, the Community Foundation of Sonoma and the Napa Valley Community Foundation.

Yahoo: Forty dead, neighborhoods burned to ash in California fires

Vallejo Times Hearld: PG&E linked to Wine County Fires

USA Today 2017/10/13: Weekend gusts threaten new fires; crews battling more than 20 blazes in northern California 2017/10/12: Bear Republic Fundraising for Sonoma County Fire Victims

Rueters: California vintner for takes refuge in winery after flames engulf home

Fortune: Sonoma and Napa Wineries Damaged by California Wildfires: Updated List

Wine Industry Advisors 2017/10/11: Paso Robles Wine Country Rallies to Help Victims of North Coast Fires

Wine Spectator: Calistoga and Geyserville are evacuated as flames spread and dangerous winds are forecast; now at least 23 dead and eight wineries destroyed


Chateau Ste. Michelle, Washington's Founding Winery, Releases History Book Chronicling Its 50-Year Contribution to the Wine Industry

NZ Wines: Sweet success for New Zealand wine

Folio Wine: Ornellaia Partners with Sotheby's to Launch Long- Awaited 'Archivio Storico' Project

CBrands: Craft Brewer Funky Buddha Joins Constellation Brands

Palm Bay International welcomes Champagne Boizel to portfolio

Precept Wine: P.F. Chang's and Browne Family Vineyards Introduce Washington Wines Designed to Pair with P.F. Chang's Made-from-Scratch Menu

Legal cannabis could crash the alcohol giants' party, analyst says

2017 research found monthly alcohol sales fell 13 percent in states with medical marijuana

Harpers - 2018/3/16: Bordeaux pulls away from entry level as exports rise

SevenFiftyDaily: Embracing Old Oak Barrels

Some winemakers are using 100-year-old barrels, disproving the premise that they must be discarded after five years


Brewery Association - 2018/3/1: ANNOUNCEMENT PENDING ON ALUMINUM AND STEEL TARIFFS - 2018/2/26: Making the Case for Australian Wine

Your excuses for not carrying Australian wine are outdated--here's why

In Courthouses and State Capitols, Wine Retailers Are Fighting for Direct Shipping

Visit Domaine de la Romanée‑Conti - tasting of the 2016s from cask

Gallo Opens Up in Public; The famously private head of California's biggest family wine company shares some surprising truths.

Wine Spectator - 2018-1-29: Northern California Wine-Country Wildfire Impact Study Shows Signs of Hope 2018-1-25: US Wine Outlook Bullish Despite Bank Warning

Q&A J. Stephen Casscles: Growing and Hybridizing Grapes

Wine Spectator 2018-1-24: Women and Wine: How Alcohol Affects Female Health

Champagne Gives Thanks for a Vintage Crop

SevenFiftyDaily - 2018/1/23: Getting to Know Mexico's New Wine Scene
Propelled by Bichi's popularity, Baja wines are on the radar of U.S.  buyers

Beverage Daily - 2018/1/22: Consumers turning to private label wine more often, thanks to supermarkets

Wine Business - 2018/1/16: A New Perspective on the Vineyard Labor Shortage Situation: The Case of Cain Vineyard

Comstocks - 201/1/15: Infighting In Washington On Track To Harm California's Wine Industry

Wine Curmudgeon - 2018/1/5: 2018 $10 Wine Hall of Fame

The Drinks Business - 201/1/10: 13% price rise for medal-winning wines, says new study

Thief who stole $550,000 in wine from Napa Valley’s French Laundry sentenced to prison

Ex-Porn Star Champagne Court Case a Fizzer

Forbes - 2018/1/9: Why Brunello di Montalcino Is The Wine To Collect In 2018

Food & Wine - 2018/1/8: A Cheap Person's Guide to Fancy French Wine

Napa Vineyards Hold Erosion at Bay Protections in place following fall firestorm effective so far



The Winebow Group's 6th Annual Women in Wine Leadership Symposium Featuring Jancis Robinson and Laura Catena Tackles Topics of Diversity, Inclusion, and Innovation in the Wine Industry

Can You Actually Drink While Pregnant?

UK Independent - 2017/10/31: Drinking Red Wine Among Women Boost Fertility, Study Finds

Forbes: The Best Red Wine You Are Probably Forgetting To Drink

A monster firestorm became unstoppable almost as soon as it started

Wine Industry Advisor 2017/10/18: Napa Valley Winemakers Optimistic as Famed Wine Region Begins to Recover 2017/10/16: Buy Anheuser-Busch InBev? Craft Beer Wants to 'Take Craft Back'

Napa Valley Vintners 2017/10/15: Napa Wildfires Media Update

SONOMA, Calif. (AP) 2017/10/15: California fire authorities said Sunday they have turned a corner in battling several of the wildfires that have devastated wine country and other parts of the state over the past week. 2017/10/13: STONE DISTRIBUTING CO. TO AID CALIFORNIA’S FIRE VICTIMS THROUGH COLLECTIVE INDEPENDENT CRAFT BEER EFFORT

Stone Brewing's distributing division, Stone Distributing Co., will donate a portion of its sales throughout the month of October to benefit those affected by the devastation of the Northern California fires. 2017/10/13: Striking images reveal toll wildfires took on wineries

Wine Industry Advisor 2017/10/11: Mendocino County Redwood Complex Fire Impacts on Vineyards

SFGate: Smoke from Wine Country fires traveled as far as Mexico, over 500 miles south

Wine Enthusiast: Volunteers and donations are needed for those affected by the ongoing wildfires in Northern California. Here's how you can help.

Sacramento Bee: Cabernet sauvignon, petite sirah grapes most threatened by wine country fires

USA Today: How the Napa fires could affect the taste, price of your wine

The Mercury News: Napa and Sonoma wildfires destroy wineries, bars and hotels; many others threatened


TWE Global: Penfolds partners with National Geographic to tell the stories behind each wine September 18, 2017

Robert Mondavi Winery: Genevieve Jassens named one of the Top 10 Female Winemakers in Northern California

The Winebow Group Expands Distribution Network into Rhode Island

Vine Connections: Bushido "Way of the Warrior" Sake Cans Offer Premium Sake On-The-Go

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