offers email marketing to liquor stores, wine shops, restaurants, cellar doors, wine tasting, wine bars, and other wine centered businesses. Brenda Francis is a certified sommelier.
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The visual aspect of advertising wine and food using email marketing is very effective. Wine drinkers admit the image of a glass of wine can make their mouth water. offers email marketing for businesses in the wine industry. Our service includes original content such as winemaker interviews, wine reviews, and image creation.

Clients may feature wine, beer, and liquor articles provided by on their email communications. allows the client to supply as much content and participate as much as they wish.

Sparkling wine, Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, and other frizzante beverages are refreshing in the warm summer months. Bubby can often be found at a celebration. Sparkling wine is often made from chardonnay grapes and sometimes can be made with black grapes, like pinot noir and pinot meuier.

One of the keys to creating great email marketing pieces in any industry is to utilize existing art. Manufacturers have huge marketing budgets and press kits full of digital imagery. uses the artwork of products in your inventory to create fresh, colorful, focused marketing pieces for your email marketing needs.

Along with using manufacturer artwork, we use your company's digital branding to create continuity with your email marketing and social media posts. There is no reason to reinvent what you have in place.

Brenda Francis is a certified sommelier. Her wine articles have been published in local newspapers all over Colorado. She has managed over a dozen retail liquor store email lists.

Are you on the Colorado Front Range? She can work with your wine, beer, or liquor sales reps and attend professional tastings as your representative. Winemaker in town? Interviewing winemakers is the kind of original content your readers will love!
Top excels at bringing excitement about a topic to your customer's inbox.

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Brenda has maintained email marketing for other businesses. She has worked with restaurants, pet care facilities, medical practices, and political candidates.

She can write original content for your email newsletter. First rights on original content can be negotiated.

Gardening Social Media

Ms. Francis has volunteered for Colorado State University's Horticulture Department for over eighteen years as a Colorado Master Gardener (CMG). Some of her responsibilities include speaking to the public, maintaining a Facebook page with daily posts, and troubleshooting gardening problems in person, on the phone, or through email. She has written about insects and pruning lilacs in the Denver Post as a CMG.

A major responsibility for me as a CMG is to maintain the Facebook page for the Arapahoe County Master Gardeners. Below are original photos used for banners and seasonal topics.

Healthcare Industry Emails

Brenda has published newsletters for the healthcare industry. She has published invitations to doctor lectures, wellness emails, and support group announcements. Pregnant patients were signed up for a ten-month email newsletter outlining the progress of a typical pregnancy for each month, as well as recommendations on wellness and doctor appointments. This monthly, pregnancy auto-responder was constructed and maintained by Ms. Francis.

Home Maintenance Websites

Brenda has published websites for the home maintenance industry. Working in new home construction sales has given her an opportunity to build a few simple websites for businesses in this space. Some home construction and home maintenance trades need very little online marketing because they operate with little competition or utilize services like Angi. However, all home maintenance businesses need a website and email. They also need an online footprint to point to positive reviews on platforms such as Angi, Google, and Yelp.

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